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Kathleen de Crombrugghe,

added to convention physical therapy for rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurology en Pelvic Floor.

Master graduate in physical therapy and rehabilitation science, with specializations in neurology and a second master in pelvic rehabilitation, I worked in the Revalidation Hospital Inkendaal (de bijtjes), known for hiss specialization in neurologic rehabilitation. I also followed the ITON (Instituut voor toegepaste neurowetenschappen – Dr. B. Van Cranenburgh) course and a course in gastro-intestinal disorders by Oscarine Husson.

Rani Janssens,

added to convention physical therapy for rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurology.

My name is Rani and I’m joining the team of KDC-kine. During my education, I specialized in neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation (e.g. back problems, post-surgery rehabilitation). Because neurology is a real passion, I wanted to continue in that domain.

You may make an appointment by calling (0472/606 456) or by E-mail (katdcr@gmail.com).

To be able to deliver a good service i ask you to inform me of an abcense at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the session will be charged.

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E-mail: katdcr@gmail.com
Call num.: 0472 606 456

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