Pelvic Floor

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Treatment  of dysfunction of:

  • Urinary system (incontinences, enuresia, mictionnal urge, dysury, prolaps…),
  • Digestive system (incontinence, constipation, encopresia, dyschesia, …),
  • Disfuntion of the gynecologic system (prolaps or descending perineal syndrom, abdominal pain, …),
  • Sexological dysfunction (erectil dysfunction, perineal pain, vaginism, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia,…),

Pregnancy : preparation, postpartum exercises (influenced by Dr. M. Caufriez et Dr. B. de Gasquet –abdominal-hypopressive exercises).

These by education, discover pelvic floor, vesicale education (urge delay), traitement of the musculoskeletic system, abdominal-hypopressive exercises, muscular training to bring the Mahony reflex’s in balance, electrotherapy, sensibility training, abdominal massage,…